Impulse [periodical], Volume 4, Number 4 and Volume 5, Number 1. (Signed by Numerous Contributors). Eldon Garnet, Michael Snow, Snow.

Impulse [periodical], Volume 4, Number 4 and Volume 5, Number 1. (Signed by Numerous Contributors)

1972. Very Good. Item #6575

Contains writing and/or artwork by Barbara Astman, Diane Broadway, Paul Campbell, Penny Chalmers, Victor Coleman, Gary Michael Dault, Peter Dudar, Dawn Eagle, Ruby Etch, Robert Fones, Edwina Frankford, Lorne Fromer, Dave Godfrey, Ralph Gustafson, Joe Hall, A.S.A. Harrison, David Hlynsky, Hans Jewinski, Judy Keeler, Colleen Kennedy, Wendy Knox-Leet, Suzy Lake, John Lander, Les Levine, Mark Lightbody, Steve McCaffery, Jack McCluskey, Heather McDonald, David McFadden, Susan Musgrave, Massimo Nannucci, Maurizio Nanucci, Joe Rosenblatt, John Scott, Vince Sharp, Michael Snow, Fletcher Starbuck, Chrisanne Stathacos, Francoise Sullivan, Susan Swan [as Sue Swan], Vincent Tangredi, Rodney Werden, Pearl White, Colette Whiten, Anne Wordsworth, and David Young. Annotated by Hans Jewinski. Autographed and dated by Robert Fones. John Scott, in lieu of an inscription, substantially amended in ink his original image in the magazine [he said (to Greg Gatenby) at his opening on Dec 2, 2004 at the Metivier Gallery, that he had not seen the image since he had sent it to Eldon Garnet for publication in Impulse, and he was appalled at what he had submitted-hence his instant desire to correct and improve the image]. Also autographed and dated by Michael Snow [who told (Greg) he did not want to sign the page because it would ruin the artistic effect, so he signed and dated a Post-It note instead and stuck that onto the page]. Also autographed by Barbara Astman. Also autographed by Gary Michael Dault. Filed under "Garnet, Eldon" in Autographed art books section. Rubbed at the cover edges but overall in very god condition.

Price: $250.00

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